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Natural Body Shaping | Sliming | Toning | Smoothing | Anti Stretch Mark | Lose Belly Fat cream

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To help reduce the appearance of Cellulite and restore firmness.

100% Herbal, No Side Effects

Natural curves and streamlined are a modern woman’s image of perfect body beauty.

Every woman at some time in her life experiences concern about her figure: lack of softness, firmness, or simply localized problem of skin slackening.

BLOSOM Body Shaping Cream which has been formulated for refining, contouring, firming, and tightening body contours and muscle tone restorer.

• For all women whether overweight or slim, with sponginess.

• For all women who wish to maintain a toned & curvaceous body.

• For the diet conscious.

• For women with post-pregnancy stretch marks.

BLOSOM Body Shaping Cream with triple action works rapidly to restore a soft, firm, and youthful-looking body.

It acts rapidly and continuously to help refine body contours by accelerating the elimination of fatty deposits. It refines the tissues and helps avoid a ‘spongy’ appearance.

BLOSOM® Body Shaping Cream tightens and strengthens the cutaneous tissues.

Its concentrated plant extracts improve superficial circulation, soften the skin while toning, and enhance a feeling of well-being.

The direction of use:

Apply daily, massaging into the skin till it is completely absorbed.

Apply twice each day for a month, two or three times a year.

For sustained satisfaction use it twice every day regularly. (Follow a minimum 45 – 60 days course)

Continue for at least 90 days.

    Country of Origin: India