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Mermaid Hydro-Boost Serum Contains Poly Plant and Corn Sugar Extract For Moisturising and Skin Repair For Normal to Dry skin for Men and Women 30 ml

by Mermaid
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The Mermaid Marine Beauty Secret Hydro-Boost Serum is enriched with an expertly derived blend of Corn Sugar and Polyplant marine extracts, A Corn-Sugar extract, strengthens the skin’s barrier and deeply hydrates the skin by reversing the five signs (roughness, dullness, flakiness, tightness and redness) of dehydrated damaged skin. The Polyplant makes the skin appear youthful and healthy by improving the tissue structure and helps the skin to retain its moisture for longer. The synergic effect of these nourishing ingredients reduces fine lines and makes the skin appear plump, bright and refreshed. This watery formula is extremely lightweight and instantly evaporates to give you a Glowing look.

Country of Origin: India