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by Boheco
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EASE is a proprietary ayurvedic formulation. It works on the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in relieving symptoms of strain, spasms, pain, inflammation, and swelling. The full spectrum of cannabinoids in this Vijaya-based product provides a natural treatment for symptomatic relief.

Muscles play an integral role in facilitating our body functions, helping us move with ease, and conducting everyday activities. If you have an active lifestyle or work long and strenuous hours, you might have experienced muscle fatigue, inflammation, pain, or unease. EASE is a topical product with a plant-based Ayurvedic formulation that begins to work on your muscles from the inside. Ease shows efficacy when included in your daily self-care routine. Offering you the best Ayurvedic knowledge along with the full spectrum of cannabinoids works as a preventative and curative measure for soothing the muscles and relieving symptoms of strain, spasms, pain, inflammation, and swelling. Cannabis leaf extract in combination with Hemp Seed Oil, Pudina Sattva, and Karpur Oil, when used on muscles, helps reduce pain.

How to Use - 
2-3 pumps is an ideal dose for a light massage. Gently spread a few drops on the affected area for a deep tissue massage. Use it as a pre or post workout oil to soothe sore muscles. You can even leave the oil on through the day or overnight for an optimal healing experience. Or as directed by your physician.

Country of Origin: India